River transportation

With the opening of the Rhine-Main-Danube (RMD) Canal and Europe’s main waterway, direct access to the seas has become possible for countries along the Danube that do not have direct maritime access, including Hungary. This allows those who choose river navigation to choose from a larger number of ports as their destination.

In river transportation, as with all other forms of transportation, we can distinguish line shipping, where the vessel operates on a scheduled basis, companies offering free navigation, which operate to locations as per assignments, and chartered navigation arrangements, where vessels are chartered either based on time or route.

We recommend transporting your goods via water if you:

  • Want to transport at low specific costs,
  • Seek an environmentally friendly solution, or
  • Prefer flexible pricing.

We do not recommend water transportation if:

  • You need to transport with short turnaround times,
  • Require a direct (single-leg) shipping connection,
  • Cannot consider environmental changes (water levels, vessel load capacity) during the transportation of your goods, or
  • Your goods are sensitive to environmental impacts (such as climatic effects or the corrosive effects of salty sea air in maritime transportation) and do not want to pay attention to proper packaging.


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