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Price guarantee services

Our price guarantee service is offered to our contractual partners who typically have contracts with multiple freight service providers but lack the capacity to continuously process and qualify the variety of incoming invoices, or they prefer to accept only invoices issued by a single universal provider previously validated by them, regardless of the number of freight service providers handling the tasks.

In this case, we establish a systematic connection as a universal provider, where we manage the incoming orders with our contractual partners and receive the invoices, which we then qualify according to the terms of the contractual agreement. After our approval, we send the invoice to our client.

The advantages of our service for the client include:

  • Simplification of the ordering process: Channeling the client’s previous multi-channel communication into a single channel.
  • Immediate communication is ensured.
  • Streamlining of administrative tasks and invoicing.
  • Reduction of administrative risk.
  • Reduction of financial exposure.

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