Value-added services


Value-added services

Packaging services

In our packaging services, we ensure that the product meets the customer’s requirements by providing:

  • Protection of the product from external influences.
  • Ease of handling and optimal storage and transportation due to packaging.
  • Easy identification of the product and its manufacturer.
  • Informative and comprehensive labeling.
  • Support for the logistics process.

Our solutions include:

  • Packaging of hazardous goods.
  • Packaging with paper, cardboard boxes, and wood.
  • Packaging providing corrosion protection.
  • Packaging with reusable materials.
  • Container packaging.
  • Plastic packaging.


Among our packaging solutions, we also offer refurbishment of worn-out but reusable packaging materials, such as wire mesh pallets, side wall pallets, framed pallets, logistic boxes, and refurbishment of Roli-type small containers.


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