About us


About Us


G.E.B.E. Kft. was founded in 1996 under the leadership of Béla Dömsödi, who was then working as self-employed. The company primarily handles international freight transportation tasks, but changing market demands increasingly directed the company towards complex and comprehensive logistics services.

Driven by market demands, G.E.B.E. Kft. opened its first warehouse in the early 2000s and continuously expanded its range of services. From 2010, the warehouse service became profitable with an area exceeding 5000 m², and the company exceeded 50 employees. Since 2020, the warehouse service has expanded to over 20,000 m², and the number of employees has exceeded 200.

Interesting fact:
The name G.E.B.E. Kft., when read together, corresponds to a lean horse, while it is actually a wordplay referring to cart transportation and horses. In reality, it represents the initials of the founding owners’ first names, separated by dots.

Such as Dömsödi



About our goals


Primarily, as logistics professionals, our goal cannot be other than to deliver the right goods, to the right place, at the right time, in the right condition, at the right cost. Our company’s goal is to serve our customers in a wide range, at a high level, and in a personalized manner on the Hungarian logistics market, while creating perceptible and achievable value. Among our values, we consider knowledge, ethical behavior, availability, and customer commitment.




Hungarian Logistics Service Centers Association (MLSZKSZ) 

National Association of Private Entrepreneurs (NIT) http://www.nit.hu/

Fejér County Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FMKIK)


About our goals


G.E.B.E. Kft. is a committed advocate of social responsibility and supports its immediate and broader environment to the extent of its economic opportunities. We consider sustainable development and ethical business practices important. In addition, we pay special attention to our customers, partners, and maintain strong relationships with them.


Environmental protection


Our company is a dedicated supporter of environmental protection. In our work, we strive to carry out our freight tasks and warehousing activities with the least possible environmental pollution.

Among other things, we continuously upgrade our fleet to perform our work with the most modern and environmentally friendly equipment available.

In carrying out our freight tasks, with the help of route optimization software, we minimize the mileage of our vehicles and the fuel consumption associated with the task.

We reduce environmental pollution by refueling with biofuels. We collect waste selectively and strive to recycle it to the greatest extent possible. We avoid the use of toxic or even slightly harmful substances. We produce hot water in an energy-efficient manner and continuously reduce our water consumption.

In 2023, two LNG-powered tractor units were procured, which, indicating the direction of development in the coming years, already significantly contribute to CO2-conscious transportation. With 95% less particle and 90% less nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions than conventional vehicles, the newly commissioned model leaves behind better air quality. Maintenance-free exhaust aftertreatment systems also help reduce our ecological footprint, as these vehicles do not require AdBlue or particulate filters. Thanks to the two LNG tractors, it is expected that 40 tons less CO2 will burden our environment annually, and in 4 years, 160 tons less will impact our environment..


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Investment management

Enikő Dömsödi

Management of marketing and internal administration

Béla Dömsödi

Operational administration

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